Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rivet connection

Meaning the connection is understood in the field of machining, not far berbedadengan what we encounter in everyday life, that is one thing to lainnya.Sebagaimana menghubungkanantara known, humans can not produce all sesuatudalam work. This is not because of human limitations in menjalaniprosesnya. So man-made objects are generally composed of berbagaikomponen, created through the treatment process and can merangkainya berbeda.Sehingga to be a whole object, dibutuhkanlahelemen connective.

This type of connection with the use of rivets, a fixed connection for this connection when it is opened kelingnya damaging spikes and can not be installed again, but replace it with a new nail kelingnya.
The use of rivets are used to:
strong connections and meetings, the boiler construction
a strong connection, the steel construction
Connection meeting, on the tube and the tank
Connection binder, to cover the chassis
Rivet connection is compared to the welded joints have the advantage that:
  1. Rivet connections is simpler and cheaper to make.
  2. Easier examination 
  3. Rivet connections can be opened by cutting the head of the rivet.
When viewed from the form of assignment, rivet connections are distinguished, namely:
  1. Tangential loading.
  2. Eccentric loading.

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